Intelligent Irrigation Management System

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Simplified Management

Simplify your perspective on irrigation!

Have a clear and practical view of your field routine, both on your computer and your smartphone.

Here you have:

  • Integration with the nearest INMET station to your property
  • Temperature and precipitation charts
  • Field notebook: record all events that occur in each plot
  • Water management: compare how much you're irrigating and how much rainfall occurs in each cycle
  • Permit report
  • Energy management: check all electricity bill data in graphical form and compare monthly expenses


BRL 52.90 per month*

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Complete management

Learn when and how much to irrigate with the Intelligent Raks Management. The solution works by combining soil, plant, climate, and irrigation method data, utilizing fixed TDR soil moisture sensors in the field.

Here you have:

  • All the advantages included in Simplified Management and more
  • Remote sensing of soil moisture with high-precision TDR equipment with international recognition
  • Storage of hourly soil moisture data in the cloud and graphical presentation on the platform
  • Platform parameterization with soil, crop, and irrigation method data
  • Irrigation recommendation on the platform

Available for annual and perennial crops.

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