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Looking at the world with curiosity, behind new challenges, Raks was born from the desire to transform. This wish came true through a project designed by people who believe that technology and knowledge must be applied to create solutions that have an impact on society, that facilitate and contribute positively to people's lives.

Anchored in the pillars of sustainability, innovation and efficiency, we seek to minimize the problems encountered by professionals in the field. We seek to improve productivity in the agricultural sector and reduce the waste of resources, working today to change tomorrow.

Trabalhando hoje conseguimos construir o futuro

Nós acreditamos que a tecnologia, unida com o conhecimento desenvolvido no campo durante anos de prática, é a chave para o crescimento da agricultura. Nesse aspecto, queremos ser protagonistas da evolução.

Nosso objetivo é ajudar os agricultores a produzirem mais alimentos com menos recursos hídricos e energéticos. Trabalhamos para contribuir de forma sustentável para a alimentação do mundo, que vem do campo. Seguimos aprendendo e evoluindo.

Fabiane Kuhn

CEO and Co-founder of Raks



Electronics technician, Computer Science student and nerd. He keeps questioning the reason for things and believes that questions move the world. Determined, stubborn and research-loving, she wants to make an impact on society. His dream is to travel the world and contribute positively to people's lives, using technology as a tool for transformation.


Electronics technician, engineering student and passionate about technology. He believes that knowledge should be used to create solutions and improve people's lives. He is super competitive, likes to work late and make funny jokes. He is a lover of cars and racing, he dreams of driving on great tracks in the world.


Electronics technician and computer engineering student. He was a little sportsman and musician and is currently passionate about arts and science. Since he was little he was interested in discovering how everything works and now he applies all his curiosity and competitiveness to new challenges. He is Guilherme's number one rival in the worst joke and dreams of traveling the world.


Electrical Engineer, teacher and father of Lucas and Daniela. Since he was a child he dreamed of becoming an engineer. Stubborn, he believes that technology should be applied to make people's lives easier. He is passionate about aeromodelling, builds and flies his own models.


Sebastian Fittko

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Matthew Paul

Jamie Pearce

Kyle Muhlbauer

David Dvorak

Taize Wessner

Rodolfo Monteiro



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