"To sow ecological ideas and plant sustainability is to be guaranteed to reap a fertile and conscious future."

Sivaldo Filho


Intelligent System for Irrigation Control



The measurement of soil moisture is carried out through fixed field sensors with high precision regardless of soil type.



The system uses wireless data transmission, connecting the moisture sensor to the user without the need for field cables.



The system remains in the field, powered by photovoltaic panels that provide clean energy to the device



Through the system it is possible to realize the total automation of the irrigation, using the internet to visualize graphs and tables and to control the moments of activation.

About us

Fabiane Kuhn


Electronics Technician, Computer Science student and nerd. She lives by questioning the why of things and believes that the questions move the world. Determined, stubborn and research lover, she wants to have some impact on society. Her dream is to travel the world and contribute positively in people's lives, using technology as a tool of transformation.

Guilherme Ramos


Electronics Technician, engineering student and technology lover. He believes that knowledge must be used to create solutions and improve people's lives. He is super competitive, likes to work late and make funning jokes. He is a lover of cars and races, he dreams of riding on great tracks in the world.

Marco César Sauer


Electrical Engineer, teacher and father of Lucas and Daniela. Since childhood he dreamed of being an engineer. Stubborn, he believes technology should be applied to make life easier. He loves aeromodelling, builds and flies his own model airplanes.

Vinicius Muller


Electronics Technician and computer engineering student. He has been an athlete and musician and is currently a lover of arts and science. Since childhood he has been interested in finding out how everything works and now applies all his curiosity and competitiveness in new challenges. He is the number one competitor of Guilherme as the worst joker and dreams of traveling the world.



Electronics Technician, student of Automation and Control Engineering, passionate about cars and technology. He believes that technologies must be developed to improve, facilitate and accelerate the daily processes of people and companies. Sees Raks as an opportunity to develop technologies that will make a difference in society. He dreams of traveling the world and accomplishing important achievements through his work.



Electronics Technician, computer science studant with the energy of a restless scientist, seeks to solve the world's problems through technology. It is also involved with communities that empower women in technology, like Django Girls and Girls in Tech.

Our Story
Looking at the world with curiosity, behind new challenges, Raks was born of the desire to transform. Desire that has come true through a project thought by people who believe that technology and knowledge must be applied to create solutions that impact Society, which facilitate and contribute positively to people's lives.
Anchored in the pillars of sustainability, innovation and efficiency, we seek to minimize the problems experienced by the farmer. We seek to improve productivity in the agricultural sector and reduce wasted resources by working today to change tomorrow.
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